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About You | True North Retirement Counsel
Financial planning is a personal endeavor. It’s really about you and your unique situation. Much of the financial services industry is focussed on pushing the latest product solutions and hoping they fit everyone. We think that’s like putting the cart before the horse and it just doesn’t make sense. Financial planning should start with you and your unique requirements, only then can the right solutions be found to fit your needs. Our specialty is working with people who have similar life situations, needs, concerns and values.
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Top 5 Financial Terms You Should Understand | True North Retirement Counsel
In recent weeks, you may have heard the word recession a lot. You may even have a vague understanding of what a recession is, but would like a better understanding of what a recession really is. What the Dow Jones Industrial Average? You probably hear that every night on the news and you know that it has something to do with the stock market, but aren't sure of the details.  Here are some common terms you hear frequently and a simple explanation of what they really are:

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Meeting | True North Retirement Counsel
Many of our best client relationships started over coffee. Much like a first date, this meeting gives you the opportunity to check us out to see if we are right for you. If you have questions about which planning level is best for you, this is a great way for us to help you figure that out. If there isn’t a fit that’s ok too, we will part ways having only invested a bit of time. The coffee is always free!   How would you like to meet?