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ProMotion Orthotics is an orthotics clinic and laboratory located in Ottawa, offering a wide range of services including Foot Orthoses, Ankle Foot Orthoses, Knee Orthotics, Footwear and Hosiery. They also provide custom-made braces for various conditions. The clinic has a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing personalized care and high-quality products to their clients. ProMotion Orthotics is committed to making a positive impact on their patients' lives by offering exceptional service, support, and expertise.
ProMotion Orthotics - Orthotics clinic and laboratory located in Ottawa.
At ProMotion Orthotics we are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals that are challenged by a physical limitations. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of treatment that is both effective and efficient.

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Website Phone 613-725-3415
Address 1014 Maitland Avenue Ottawa, ON, K2C 2B6
Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Country Canada

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FREE coffee

ProMotion Orthotics, an orthotics clinic and laboratory in Ottawa, offers a FREE coffee to its clients while they wait for their appointments. In addition to providing high-quality orthotic services, the clinic also offers footwear and hosiery options for patients.


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About Us - ProMotion Orthotics - Orthotics clinic located in Ottawa.
Originally founded as Grundy & Associates Orthopedic Services by Stephen Grundy, ProMotion Orthotics is a comprehensive custom orthotics clinic and laboratory centrally located in Ottawa
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