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Boris forced to admit Rashford ‘Free-meal’ phonecall lie – PM claims to “totally understand” the free meals issue,.


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Should we be worried about the Danish COVID-19 mink mutation? (NO) - Voice Britannia
A new mutation of COVID-19 known as 'cluster 5' has been identified within Denmarks Mink population. With the NHS preparing to quarantine 'Mink COVID', we look at whether this is something we need to be concerned about.
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"Shut up you CRANK!" How Trolls took a nasty term and made it even worse. - Voice Britannia
Historically, a crank was someone who drank their own piss, who believed in the flat earth, or it existed as an amphetamine-based dance-drug. However, the last few years of identity-based internet trolling has turned this from nasty yet harmless word into a slur which steeped in rhetorical excrement and connotative misdirection.

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