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Workshops and skill shares all week, free cafe all day and free meal every evening.


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Since Indymedia started over a decade ago, the web has undergone major changes, with many more people and campaigns using their own blogs and sites. Corporate sites such as facebook and twitter have also become players in the exchange of information. Recent convictions of Facebook users have shown that using corporate sites can mean an increased risk for users, and whilst twitter has been more assertive about challenging police requests for user information, it remains another database which the state can potentially mine for information, for example the recent court request to Twitter for Occupy users IP addresses in the US. At Indymedia UK we still strive to find ways of getting out information about actions and campaigns to as wide an audience as possible, whilst bearing in mind the need to maintain anonymity and to reduce the risks to our users. We are currently reviewing our twitter strategy with a view to expanding the user base and getting information out to as wide an audience as posssible.

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Revolution In Rojava: Strengths And Challenges - London talk, eye-witness account - UK Indymedia
The Revolution In Rojava: Strengths And Challenges
An eye-witness account by Jeff Miley

Tuesday, May 26, 6.45pm

In the upstairs function room at Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB. (Euston station)

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