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Preparing for the journey

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A final uphill push up to the bottom of Birchen, and then down through the bracken to the Robin Hood, where we were issued with our free drink voucher, and, more to the point, finished running!.


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I'm Sal, mainly an orienteer but blogging about ultras because somehow long races are more angst-ridden and (therefore?) memorable! I live in Derbyshire and am married to Dave, also an orienteer/fell-runner. We have 2 daughters who used to come along for the shopping but became very good at opening thermos flasks! If you came to…
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Lake District Mountain Trial 2017 Buttermere | Sal's Ultra Blog
We last ran this race in 2014 and found it quite tough, so this year we acted our age and entered the Short class, as a pair. This was 14.5km straight line distance, with a worrying 1350 metres of climb – the height of Ben Nevis! The forecast was double raindrops all day and Buttermere…
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