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Planet Veggie is your go-to for exciting quick and easy vegetarian and vegan recipes that use easy-to-find ingredients. It's written by Cathy White in a light-hearted, entertaining way - not your average food blog!

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At home, I make vegan hot chocolate using a dairy-Now Folkestone has four dedicated vegan and vegetarian cafes/restaurants with a soon-to-come dairy-free ice cream place called.


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I’m Cathy White – welcome to Planet Veggie. I’m not going to pretend I’m a professional cook – I’m not; I’m a home cook and on this blog, I’ll be posting recipes that are tried and tested. Anything I post on here, I’m happy to recommend and if you do try something I’ve posted and […]
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I can be contacted: by email: on Twitter: @planetveggie at Facebook: Planet Veggie or via the pretty form below.

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