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FreshGround - Office Coffee - Since 1982
FreshGround offers an exceptional coffee experience for your workplace. Delivering happiness in the cup since 1982.

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Dairy-free coffee machines.


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About FreshGround - Coffee & Water for Offices
We are devoted to coffee. Our aim is to get your workplace set up and stocked with world-class coffee. Enquire today to find out more.
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Contact Us - FreshGround
Contact FreshGround to find out how we can help bring delicious coffee and water to your office and improve both team morale and productivity.
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Shop Coffee & Consumables For Your Office - FreshGround
The FreshGround shop has all of the tea, coffee and other essentials for your office kitchen or tea point. View our range today.
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Dairy Free Milk For Coffee Machines | FreshGround
FreshGround has dairy free milk coffee machines, with dual milk fridges that can supply regular and alternative milky drinks. Enquire today!