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Plant-based • Gluten-free • Tasty AF

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A gluten-free cake flour blend.


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About EatsLeeds & Zoe Pickburn | My Food Journey | EatsLeeds Blog
The EatsLeeds Blog is about helping people who are vegan & gluten-free to eat in a way that feels good, with freash, seasonal, easy-to-find ingredients
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Contact - EatsLeeds
I can usually be found hangin’ out somewhere in Leeds with a black coffee and a slice of gluten-free cake. Failing that, you can email me on I’m also pretty quick to respond at @ZoePickburn on Twitter & Instagram. Sponsored content I love to work with great brands on sponsored content. I can help food brands to reach a niche audience of gluten-free vegans, with share-worthy sponsored blog posts & recipes using branded ingredients & equipment. Sponsorship guarantees promotional coverage on, and across my social media channels Freelance writer & journalist I write copy, content and blog posts...
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Terms & Conditions - EatsLeeds
This is probably the most boring page on, but also probably one of the most important. Here Goes: These Terms and Conditions of Use apply when you view, access or otherwise use the blog located at This is a personal blog and website owned and operated by Zoe Pickburn. I grant you a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited right to access, use and share the blog and the materials provided hereon, provided that you comply fully with and understand these Terms and Conditions of Use: Liability The content on this blog is written for people who have chosen to adhere...
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Health food shops in Leeds | Independant stores for vegan food | EatsLeeds
The best independant health food shops in Leeds. Which stores can you buy vegan ingredients & meat-alternatives, and gluten-free foods in Leeds.
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Q&A: Baking powder Vs. Bicarbonate of soda Vs. Baking soda - EatsLeeds
We’re back on lockdown here in the UK, and you know what my healthiest coping mechanism is? Stress baking. Baking may not be ‘work’, but it feels productive and creative. It keeps my hands and my brain busy (and more importantly, unable to doomscroll through Twitter). And of course, there’s the bonus of cake or biscuits at the end. Gluten-free vegan baking is a little different from regular baking, but (as I’ve been trying to show on the blog recently), it can be just as satisfying. If anything, free-from baking keeps my brain fixated on working out measurements and substitutions,...

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A DIY gluten-free flour blend mix for cakes and baking | EatsLeeds
A gluten-free cake flour blend. How to make a your own simple easy DIY gluten-free flour blend for cakes, cookies and baking