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Delightful Desserts - Dessert Shop and Coffee Shop across the UK
Our stores have a distinctively sweet aroma of our freshly prepared desserts. Anyone with a sweet tooth will be drawn to our delightful dessert creations!

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Get a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday! (ID required​).


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About Us: Delightful Desserts - Delightful Desserts - Dessert Store
About Us: Delightful Desserts, your favourite indulgent dessert parlour, offering the world’s most desired desserts in a vibrant and friendly environment.
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Contact Delightful Desserts - Delightful Desserts - Contact Us
Contact Delightful Desserts: All of our stores direct information can be found on the locations tab. General Enquiries: please fill out the form.
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Locations - Find a Delightful Desserts Parlour Near You - Delightful Desserts
Delightful Locations: Find your local parlour today and indulge in our delicious selection ofdelightful desserts, hot beverages and much more!
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FAQ's - Delightful Desserts - Dessert Store - Frequently asked questions
FAQ's for Delightful Desserts! We know everyone has those questions that just need to be answered straight away, so here are our frequently asked Questions!
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Terms and Conditions - Website Terms and Conditions - Delightful Desserts
These are the terms and conditions of our page. Please read them carefully. This provides all of the information about our Website terms of use.

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