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Carol Fraser is a leading plant-based nutritionist and wellness expert, offering personalized nutrition programs designed to promote wellness and Type 2 Diabetes remission. She provides tailored nutritional guidance, lifestyle coaching, medication audits, herbs and supplement recommendations, and health coaching services. Carol's unique approach combines her expertise in plant-based nutrition, herbalism, naturopathy, and continuous learning to provide comprehensive support for clients worldwide.
Carol Fraser - Leading Nutritionist & Wellness Expert
Carol Fraser is a Holistic London Nutritionist offering tailored meal plans and coaching for overall wellness and Type 2 diabetes remission.

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complimentary initial consultation

Carol Fraser, a leading nutritionist and wellness expert, offers a complimentary initial consultation to help individuals understand their unique health needs and develop tailored nutritional guidance and lifestyle coaching. With expertise in plant-based nutrition, heralism, naturopathy, and Type 2 Diabetes management, Carol provides personalized support for long-term health solutions.


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Carol is a fully certified registered Naturopathic Therapist with the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) and Accredited by the CTAA.
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Have you got a question about your health care? Get in touch with us to arrange your free 15-minute discovery call with Carol Fraser.
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