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Don't be late there's free drinks for the first 100 people.Pastel paintings, punk ethics, sexy leathers, retro porn, cocktails, DJ's and free beer.Plus a hell of a lot more and all on free play all night, leave that loose change at home or better still spend it on some of the stunning choice of nosh available.The Scots indie folk and roll, of the wonderfully moinkored Nickajack Men, brings a decidedly less metal edge than usual to Surprise You're Dead's consistently excellent freebie live music events at Subside.


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Birmingham Wire is a website that hopes to keep you informed about the best things Birmingham and the surrounding area has to offer. The site was established by Ruth Allan and Chris Horkan, and is edited by Hana Clara Borrowman and Giles Logan. We’d love to hear about what you’ve got going on or if you’d like […]
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