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In a world where social media platforms and dynamic marketing strategies are constantly evolving, businesses face challenges in staying relevant and building strong brands. The craft beer industry is no exception, with brewers of all sizes competing for attention. Fuller's, the oldest brand in the craft beer capital, has successfully utilized online campaigns to engage customers and create relationships. The judges appreciate bold, disruptive designs that stand out while maintaining recognizability and appeal. Businesses are also finding success through inclusive events that raise awareness and enhance the overall experience for their target audience.
Beer Marketing Awards | Celebrating creativity across the UK beer world

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In this category, we are looking for engaging and innovative campaigns that help build brands and relationships rather than just simple awareness. Fuller's celebrated February in London by creating an online campaign where people could get a free pint if they tweeted the company when it started raining. This campaign was bold, disruptive, and made the judges laugh while taking advantage of digital media opportunities.


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Beer Marketing Awards | Celebrating creativity across the UK beer world
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