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Beer Quality Consultancy, Services & Products | Avani Solutions offers a comprehensive range of beer quality services, including beer line cleaning and maintenance, training for pub management and staff, and site audits for dispense problems. They also provide an extensive selection of bar, cellar, and beer line cleaning chemicals and equipment, such as the AMICAL anti-fungal non-toxic cellar paint and Desana MAX FP Chlorine-Free Beer Line Cleaner. With nationwide professional services and flexible training solutions, Avani Solutions is dedicated to raising the bar on beer quality.
Beer Quality Consultancy, Services & Products | Avani Solutions
Draft beer quality consultants. Call us now for professional beer line cleaning, cellar services, cleaning products, chemicals and training.

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AMICAL anti-fungal cellar paint 15kg

AMICAL anti-fungal cellar paint is a non-toxic, food-safe paint designed to prevent the growth of mould spores in beer cellars. It is suitable for breweries, beer cellars, malt houses, wineries, and food production areas. The paint is wash-resistant, acrylic dispersion, and can be applied with a roller, brush, or spray gun. Two layers are recommended for the micro-biocidal effect. It is user-friendly, environmentally friendly, and contains no solvents. AMICAL offers long-term protection against mould and algae growth.


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AMICAL Anti Mould Pub Cellar Paint 15kg | Avani Solutions
Specialist anti-fungal non-toxic, breathable, cellar paint to prevent mould in damp rooms and beer cellars. AMICAL is food safe and simple to use.