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The business offers a free case of beer with sign up, followed by monthly deliveries at a discounted price. To avoid being charged after the free case, customers should switch to 2 or 3-monthly deliveries and skip the next one. Cancellation is possible within 3 months if desired, and additional cases can be ordered at any time.
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free case of beer

Sign up with a "free case" code, switch to 2 or 3-monthly deliveries, skip the next one, and cancel if you just want the free box. You can order an extra case at any time. Don't feel bad about canceling after the free case.


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Who am I? London-based Kiwi, Software Engineer (ex-Devops) by trade. My hobbies include photography, skiing, and coding (Python and Go in the past, now-days generally Java). This blog is not tied t…
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To contact me, please fill out the form below. I can’t promise a reply to everything I receive, but I certainly aim to do so!

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