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The official website of the Viking Hotel Waterford located near Waterford city. Explore our exclusive offers and avail of our best rate guarantee when you book here.

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Book here to save €15 per night with a free drink.


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Contact Information - Hotel Near Waterford | Viking Hotel Waterford
Contact information for Viking Hotel Waterford, address, phone number and email. We're always happy to answer enquiries from our guests.
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FAQ - Hotel Information - Waterford Hotel | Viking Hotel Waterford
In order to get the answer to your question as quickly as possible we have gathered some of our most frequently asked questions about the Viking Hotel Waterford. FAQ's.
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Response to Covid-19 | Stay Safe Hotel Waterford | Viking Hotel Waterford
Read about all our actions to ensure the safety of our guests and our staff during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Our Stay Safe policy

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