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Birthday Freebies.Birthday Freebies.Birthday Freebies.


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Savings Guru is the place to go for all of your savings needs. Want coupons, freebies or savings? We got it. All of our deals are up to date and the very best. Whether you are new to couponing and need the information to get yourself started, or you consider yourself an experienced couponer, Savings […]
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I am in “Savings Guru” and “Savings Guru Open” What is the difference?   “Savings Guru” is a secret group while “Savings Guru Open”  as the name suggests is an open group. In an open group you can share posts and give a link to the group to friends so they can join it.  The […]
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Checkout 51 (CO 51), SnapSaves, CartSmarts, Zweet, = An app that lets you take picture of your receipt and will send you a cheque you for buying an item on the list. FPC/FREE PRODUCT COUPON= A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free – tax should be paid by retailer MIR […]

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Birthday Freebies - Savings Guru
Birthday Freebies Lots of stores offer promotions or free product if it is your birthday, so make sure to go and get the full benefits from your special day. Restaurants: Applebee’s – Free dessert shooter on your birthday. Must show ID. Boston Pizza – Your choice of 3 starters: pizza bread, cactus cut potatoes or yam […]