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Cairns White Water Sports Rafting - Tully River | Wildside Adventures offers thrilling white water rafting experiences on the Tully River in Far North Queensland. Participants can enjoy self-steered sports rafts, expert local guides, and a variety of tour options including half day and full day tours. The company also provides complimentary car hire for self-driving customers from Cairns. With its focus on fun, adrenaline, and laughter, Wildside Adventures promises unforgettable memories for friends and family.
Cairns White Water Sports Rafting - Tully River | Wildside Adventures
In Cairns and looking for an experience of a lifetime? Wildside Adventure specialises in White Water Sports Rafting tours that will get your hearts pumping. Book Half & Full Day White Water Rafting Tours and control your own 2 person Sports Raft on the raging Tully River. Book an Adventure with the Wildside today and get the adrenaline flowing!

Website Phone (07) 4088 6212
Address Tully Mission Beach Road, Wongaling Beach Queensland Australia 4852
Location Wongaling Beach, Far North Queensland, Australia
Country Australia

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Experience the thrill of Wild White Water rafting in your own Sports Raft on a Full or Half Day tour in Far North Queensland. Take a paddle on the wildside in your own self-steered Sports Raft. An unforgettable experience of fun, adrenaline and laughter awaits as you navigate through grade 2 and 3 rapids of the stunning Tully River, fringed by the oldest rainforests in the world.


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Get in touch with our friendly team of White Water Rafting and Adventure Tour professionals at Wildside Aventures. We offer a range of Adventure Tours, including Half & Full Day White Water Sports Rafting Tours. Contract us to organise your adventure of a lifetime today!

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