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Cubby Haus Brewing is a small, independent brewery offering true-to-style beers and experimental batches in a family-friendly environment. The brewery features a bar with local wine, cider, spirits, fresh pizza, and light meals. Visitors can enjoy free pinball and music from the vinyl and CD collection. Brewery tours are available upon request, and the business is a member of the Independent Brewers Association.
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Cubby Haus Brewing: a Ballarat craft beer experience. Bar and brewery tours.

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Website Phone 03 4343 1777
Address 884 Humffray Street South, Mount Pleasant, Vic. 3350
Location Mount Pleasant, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Country Australia

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Free pinball

Cubby Haus Brewing offers a family-friendly environment with free pinball, local wine, cider, and spirits. Enjoy freshly made pizza and light meals while listening to music from their vinyl and CD collection.


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self designed and constructed prototype brewery in the manner of kids building their own place; a cubby house
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884 Humffray Street South, Mount Pleasant, Victoria 3350
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